Monday, July 26, 2010

Dead On Earth


I try my best to let everyone know what projects I am working on.  I apologize for keeping everyone in the dark for the past few weeks. I am very excited to tell you that I have recently been converted to the undead world by Ryan Phillip Harrison Clarke and Cal Miller.  I am very honored to be a part of their project called Dead On Earth!
Knightwatch Comics is the official publisher of Dead On Earth: Beginnings – a graphic novel related to the upcoming series of books Dead On Earth.  In Dead On Earth an Alien and Zombie Apocalypse has thrown the world into upheaval. Fifteen different authors document these horrific events as seen through the eyes of 15 different individuals from different parts of the world. I can not reveal too many details regarding this unique project, but I will tell you that it grows larger every day!

Ryan and Cal’s goal is to not only make Dead On Earth rock the undead world, but to also promote the talented Indie writers and artists working on the project!

Here is an introduction of the Dead On Earth Team as well as their current projects and past accomplishments. Take a moment to visit the individual links and spread the word to help support the team!

The Dead On Earth Team

Ryan Clarke********* Creator/Writer

Cal Miller************Creator/Writer
Author of ''Het Madden: A Zombie Perspective''
Purchase a copy here!
Creator of: “The Undead Nation” due out mid/late August
Co-creator of: the web comic ''Ted Dead'' 

William Lester********Creator/Editor

David Ahlgren*********Writer

Kristi Bailey**********Writer

Joseph Cedeno *******Writer

Stuart Conover******* Writer & Web Design
Founder of iScream Productions and Buy Zombie

Etienne Deforest*******Writer
Author of :''The Zombie Survival Guide: How To Live Like A King After The Outbreak''
Purchase a copy here!

Angela Hill aka Angelica Raene*Writer
Author of: “Lost, not found” published in “A Surrender To The Moon” International Library of Poetry as a compilation
“Secret Captivation” published on as LakotaSpirit
Creator of: Angelica Raene 

Cara Livermore********Artist

David Naughton-Shires**Writer/Comic Publisher/Artist
Creator of:  
Illustrator/Artist for: “Grunge Bob Camo Pants – Zombie Hunter” by Robert Cordray
Cover Art for:
“Faith And The Undead” by Benjamin Rogers
Purchase a copy here!
“Blood And Bullets – Four Short Sci-Fi Works Vol. 01” by Made in DNA
Purchase a copy here!
“Zombies 101 – Faq” by Robert Cordray (coming soon)
“Memoirs Of A Haunted Man: Road To Hell” by Robert Cordray(coming soon)
The Undead That Saved Christmas”  (due out in October)

R.D. Penning***********Writer/Future Screen Writer

Lyle Perez-Tinics*******Writer
Creator of: “Undead In The Head” website
Creator/Editor of: “The Undead That Saved Christmas
(due out in October)

Eric Polk**************Writer
Author of the short stories: “Rhapsody in Black”and “From A Serpent's Kiss”.
Guest writer for: Dollar Bin Horror

Rhonny Reaper******** Writer
Creator of:
Rhonny Reaper - The Zombitch Of Cleveland
Author of the short stories:
“Merry Christmas, Sarah” (due out in October in “The Undead That Saved Christmas”)
“Rebecca” (due out mid/late August in “The Undead Nation”)
“The Hive Will Perish” (due out in the Fall issue of “Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine” 

Kevin White***********Writer

Roger Wood***********Writer

Would you like to know more about Dead On Earth?  

Visit the Dead On Earth website here.
Become a fan of the Face Book Page.
Email the creators:


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