Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome Brave New Souls!

I have recently discovered a few new souls lurking in these halls.  To these brave souls - Carpe Noctem!   

Please, take a moment to haunt their halls in return!  They would love for you to come out and play - even if it's a full moon!  Just remember to mind your manners by wiping up any blood you may spill on their floors, make sure there are no tiny bits of flesh in between your teeth after eating, no flying inside the house  - that's just rude.  To my little zombies... well... you are going to be rude no matter what I say, so I guess do what you do best (except munching on the host).

Visit their blog here.


Dr. Blood
Visit their blog here.

Visit both of their blogs:  illogicalcontraption and unflinchingeye.

Visit their blog here.

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