Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Book Review: Dr. Dale's Zombie Dictionary

I was given the opportunity to review Dr. Dale Seslick's new book Dr. Dales Zombie Dictionary: The A - Z Guide To Staying Alive. Since this is my first book review, I must thank  Dr. Dale for offering himself up as my “Guinea Pig”. *Smiles*

This is a must-have for anyone interested in learning how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse in a humorous, light-hearted, and comical way.  It should be required reading for any study of surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, and the other “boring” survival guides should be banned.

Dr. Dale's talent for providing a comical zest while imparting knowledge is unsurpassed.  I found myself laughing my butt off during many points in the book..  I highly recommend this book to Zombie Enthusiasts as well as Horror Enthusiasts.  If you do not include this book in your personal library, then you can not claim to be an enthusiast. It is a definite must read!

You will venture into the creative and brilliant mind of Dr. Dale Seslick as he takes you into the realm of both human psyche and zombie psyche.  Be appalled at what the movie 28 Days Later, and the popular video game, Left4Dead failed to tell you.  You will learn some of the most common misconceptions surrounding Zombies, and the anatomy of the Zombie. Dr. Dale does not just stop at teaching the reader about weapons,anatomy, and the science of survival.  He includes lessons on sociology, psychology, etiquette, waste disposal, recycling, animal behavior, and Aliens.  If you are not well informed after reading this book, then you were not paying attention.

Here is a small glimpse of thequestions answered in this book:

How do you kill a zombie?

How can animal behavior help you during the apocalypse?

How should you behave during the apocalypse?

How can insects help you survive the apocalypse?

Is there a cure for the Zombie Infection?

Please visit Dr. Dale's website to find out more about his survival guide.

Purchase your copy here!

Dr. Dales Zombie Dictionary:
The A - Z Guide To Staying Alive.
Published by Allison and Busby
Illustrated by Jack Knight
Written by Dr. Dale Seslick
with assistance from Ben Muir

ByAngelica Raene ©

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  1. ahhhh... the great zombie debate. again!!!

    regardless of the cause of so-called 'zombie infection', you can always count on a nice clean head shot to stop the fuckers dead in their tracks. just remember Rule #2....