Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review of The Dead Path by Stephen M. Irwin

The Dead Path
by Stephen M. Irwin

A special note to the person who invited me to do this review, and to Stephen M. Irwin:

Normally, if an unknown name comes up in my in-box, the automatic response is: delete.  I am relieved that I did not delete the email inviting me to review, The Dead Path by Stephen M.Irwin.  In the past, I have done reviews for colleagues and friends,but I have never been asked to do a review for someone I have never met.  It was a welcome request!  Unfortunately, I can not remember the person's name that sent me the email. If you read this - thank you for the wonderful opportunity! Stephen M. Irwin, thank you for sharing your debut novel, and what an excellent novel it is! Please,contact me in the future if you need further reviews.


The Dead Path, is an intoxicating brew of :  horror,suspense, elemental symbolism, Greek and Roman Mythology, historical fiction, magick, and fantasy.  The intricately spun storyline will take you deep into the depths of human emotion - both the positive and negative. Through his creative use of imagery and descriptive language, Stephen M. Irwin, opens the gate allowing the reader to face their personal fears, and instilled beliefs.  He may even unlock the door to a past you have long since buried.

A mysterious figure peering from the trees at him,causes Nicholas Close to wreck his motorcycle. He survives the ordeal, but he doesn't get to “thank his lucky stars” for long.Nicholas' wife meets an untimely death.  Spirits begin to manifest before him, displaying their deaths  like a movie set to continuously repeat – similar to his mourning for his wife, they never escape their pain.  Unable to bear the loss of his wife, Nicholas returns to his childhood home.  Sadly, his homecoming will not bring him the peace and tranquility he desperately desires.  Nicholas will learn the cold, hard truth behind the words of the poet and essayist,George Santayana:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

I highly recommend this novel to those that enjoy a“burn the midnight oil” horror novel that is chilling as well as thought-provoking and intelligent.  Something that many horror novels(as well as movies) seem to lack. I know many of us have commented on a character's blatant stupidity while watching a horror movie.   I won't name the movie, but who in their right mind would enter a house unarmed and alone where there is obvious signs of forced entry (not to mention blood).  Wouldn't it be best to use your cell phone to call the police?  “To err is human” Yes, this is true, but blatant stupidity doesn't fall into that category.

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